Lets Make a Horror Movie

A good friend of Kill Jester Productions recently launched a podcast on iTunes and podbean. The concept is an interesting one, even for the non horror fans. Each episode one of the duo pitches the plot of a horror movie to the other. Loads of irreverent chat in between and an interesting movie discussion along the way. Things have been a bit quiet at Kill Jester Towers since our opening works so this was a nice chance to breakout Blender and add a new dimension to the Episode 1 pitch. This was a pretty rough effort as we try to slim down the workflow time. Produced in less than a week and rendered in a few hours. Nice to see what can be done with a limited timeframe. Our best wishes to Lets Make a Horror Movie, fingers crossed for some interesting scenes. Obviously this contains some horror related content so don’t be an idiot if you have kids or are easily scared by deliberately basic cartoon drawings.